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We are trusted advisors on both sides who are in the business of making matches at the highest level. We are subject matter experts. The result of our efforts is a match between supremely talented legal professionals and the most respected firms worldwide.

Joe Madden

Joe Madden Founder/CEO jmadden@harbor-legal.com

The firm was founded and is operated by Joe Madden CPC/CTS. Since 1993 Joe has been supporting the talent acquisition needs of law firms and corporations across the country and around the world.

Joe’s passion for search & staffing extends to his volunteer service on the board of directors for various local, regional & national staffing organizations. In recognition of his service to the staffing industry, Joe received the NEAPS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 from the New England Association of Personnel Services.

NAPS - National Association of Personnel Services
Former Chairman of the Board – National Association of Personnel Services. (www.naps360.org)
Director at Large / Former President of the Massachusetts Association of Personnel Services. (www.mapsweb.org)
CPC - Certified Personnel Consultant
Certified Personnel Consultant with the National Association of Personnel Services.
CTS - Certified Temporary Specialist
Certified Temporary Specialist with the National Association of Personnel Services.
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